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Hand Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Looking for a Hand Therapist in Boca Raton, FL? Look No Further Than Physioactive Physical Therapy & Wellness Center. Our Certified Therapists Will Work with You to Create a Treatment Plan Unique to Your Specific Needs. To Schedule an Appointment, Please Call (561) 609-1098.

Hand Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Have you suffered a recent injury to your hand in the Boca Raton, FL area? This intricate part of the human body is vital for everyday activities and self-care. If you have an injury to one or both hands suddenly things like tying your shoes, writing a note, typing on a computer, or throwing a ball becomes difficult, painful, or impossible. The loss of function in your hands also does not have to be from an accident. Disease, repetitive motion or genetic conditions can all contribute to the loss of function. Our hand therapy specialists at Physioactive Physical Therapy & Wellness Center are ready to help restore your hands to their normal function again.

What is a hand therapist?

When someone is a hand therapist, they specialize in treating and rehabilitating not only your hand but also your wrist, elbow, arm, and shoulder. All of these parts must function well with your hand. Our therapists are certified as licensed occupational therapists. They have thousands of hours of experience in treating hands and the rest of the upper limb. To maintain their license, they continue to attend education programs to learn the latest techniques, challenges, and research in the area. A hand therapist is a highly specialized field, and there are only several thousand certified hand specialists in the United States.

How can a hand therapist help me?

There are many conditions affecting the hand and upper limbs that our hand therapist can help treat you. These conditions include:

• Sports injuries
• Dislocations and sprains
• Broken bones/fractures
• Jammed fingers/joints
• Pain in the hand/arm
• Therapy after surgical procedures
• Amputations and prosthetic training
• Arthritis
• Repetitive strain
• Pulled muscles
• Dupuytren’s contracture
• Joint stiffness
• Tendon injuries
• Tendonitis, trigger finger
• Cuts, infections, open wounds
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Congenital disabilities
• Swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness
• Work-related injuries
• Burns and scars

We will work with your primary care physician to coordinate any treatments with them so we can get you to feeling better as quick as possible. Since the hand is so complicated, we will create a customized treatment plan for you. It will be updated as your treatment progresses. We aim to get you back to work and return to normal activities as quickly as possible without risking a re-injury.

At Physioactive Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, some of our hand therapy treatments can include:

• Sports- and musical instrument-specific therapy
• Wound and scar care
• Custom splint fabrication
• Instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques
• Pain control
• Joint protection
• Electrical modalities
• Therapeutic taping
• Motor re-learning
• Individualized strength and flexibility programs
• Work simulation
• Manual therapy

In some cases, you may have an injury to your hand that has resulted in permanent damage. A hand therapist can still help! We can educate you on various techniques you can use to reduce the pain of your movements and restore some of your independence. We can also introduce you to advanced equipment available to help those with permanent hand injuries.

Physioactive Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is located at 7700 Congress Ave #2102, Boca Raton FL 33487. Our hand therapists are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Do you have questions about this service or would you like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff today at (561) 609-1098.

We look forward to meeting you!

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